K-OS Joins the Dine Alone Records Family


Photo Credit David Moo

Toronto’s k-os  reconnected with his roots in Trinidad for his new single,WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand).

This is the first teaser from his upcoming sixth studio album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, due out in 2015, on Dine Alone Records.  For WiLD4TheNight, k-os returned to Trinidad, the south Caribbean island nation from which his family hails and where the young musician lived for three formative years. “My Canadian accent set me apart from kids there—they used to say ‘Yankee go home’ and stuff like that. I didn’t fit in, but going back opened up a well of passion.” The new single will be available worldwide on July 29th but we have an first listen for you now:

You can also see him perform live this summer at Toronto’s Festival of Beer and Wolfe Island Music Festival!

A recent signing to the growing Dine Alone Records family, president Joel Carriere is looking forward to k-os’ addition. I am rather stoked to be welcoming my bud k-os to the global roster at Dine Alone Records. We have been shooting the breeze for years, so it’s about time we made it official,” says Carriere. “k-os has been a leader in whatever genre he decides he wants to be in, just as Dine Alone has had great success with multiple genres. Our enthusiasm for pushing boundaries in a do it yourself culture is what brought us together. His vision is prolific and his music stands the test of time. Dine Alone is humbled to have such a talent like k-os working with us on a global level. “

Continuously evolving with each record, the artist born Kheaven Brereton, has never shied away from exploring new and different musical scenes. He has spent the past decade exploding that idea of hip-hop into infinite new possibilities, applying the same collagist approach with a different set of materials on each record. For a restlessly experimental career artist, there are no such things as mere milestones. There are only springboards for the next leap into the unknown. Beyond reinforcing the aesthetic connections between Trinidad’s proud calypso history and contemporary hip-hop, WiLD4TheNight also inspired k-os to more openly celebrate his indigenous heritage.

“Let’s keep it real: most of us Canadian MCs rap like Americans,” he says. “We all do it! With WiLD4TheNight, I learned that if you present who you are in a current modern context and it’s authentic, that’s going to be something way more culturally impactful and real than trying to clone what you’re hearing on radio.”

To be k-os in 2014 is to find the happy medium between hip-hop’s penchant for rapid-fire releases and perpetual stylistic mutation with the more measured approach and timeless aspirations of rock ‘n’ roll artists.

“This new single, which is raw, could only be this way because I feel new. And to feel new to a style sometimes you have to step away from it.” says k-os. “Can’t Fly Without Gravity is the sound of somebody who’s consciously forgotten about pop music to understand it again. We all need to forget something that we like so that we can like it again.”


Upcoming tour dates:
July 25, 2014 – Toronto, ON – Toronto’s Festival of Beer – Exhibition Place  Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/440107
August 9, 2014 – Frontenac Islands, ON – Wolfe Island Music Festival

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