STREAMING – Third Album From German/Polish Crust Punk Outfit Out “Save Yourself From Hell”

Mind Save Yourself From Hell, the third full-length from crust punk crew, MIND, is out now via Selfmadegod Records.

Following over a decade of silence from the multinational Polish/German duo, MIND returns stronger than ever with their massive their third album, Save Yourself From Hell. Crushing all in its path with eight enraged new furious punk/crust tracks in the vein of Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt and early Toxic Bonkers, Save Yourself From Hell is a killer, modern take on a classic and influential genre. The album also includes iconic guest appearances by UK crust/grind vocalists Dean Jones of Extreme Noise Terror and Denis Boardman of Doom.

US orders for the Save Yourself From Hell CD can be placed Selfmadegod’s rogue stateside mailorder depot, Earsplit Distro, HERE.

Formed in Berlin back in 1995 by Dzuma (ex-Toxic Bonkers, ex-Homomilitia, and recently the vocalist for Extreme Noise Terror) and Arek (Ebola), MIND has produced a variety of releases through underground and DIY labels, including the 1997 Inner Weakness 10″, the New Homes For The Rich 5″ EP, 2001’s …Your Own Business LP and split 7″ releases with Distress and Inward. Additional news from the band will be announced in the coming weeks.

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