Avatar Debut “Bloody Angel” from Hail to the Apocalypse + ON TOUR with Pop Evil 

avatar cd Sweden’s most exciting export AVATAR have debuted a second track titled “Bloody Angel” off their forthcoming LP Hail the Apocalypse due out on May 13th. The band debuted another visually stunning music video for the title track “Hail The Apocalypse” in March, “Bloody Angel” is no less intriguing, engaging or different. 

“Bloody Angel is about shame and guilt,” says frontman Johannes Eckerström “You look around and watch all the suffering and while you search for someone or something to blame, you end up in front of a mirror. Everything you touch, you break. Everyone you try to save you hurt and push further away.” 

The news comes on top of a very busy year for AVATAR. The band has been named the opener on a highly anticipated tour with POP EVIL and ESCAPE THE FATE with a highlighted appearance scheduled for the equally notorious ROCK ON THE RANGE FESTIVAL. Full dates can be seen here

Eckerström continues, “It is a sad reality of being alive, the fact that the closer you get, the more pain you risk inflicting. You try to stay in the light, spread your wings and aim for the sun. But your eyes and hands are covered in blood and you hit the ground, dragging everything that matters with you. The riff is pretty cool too.”

 https://www.facebook.com/avatarmetal     http://avatarmetal.com

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