Be Yourself Various Female Artists, to be released March 12, 2014


Inspirational stories, powerful messages, tears anda woman’s journey told through music

Join Every Woman Festival for empowering stories of love, heart break, and .nding inner strength from across the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day Week 2014. Be Yourself – is a compilation of great female artists world wide, with tracks donated from artists and track written and produced exclusively for this production.

Artists include: Sophie (AUSTRALIA/CANADA), Amy Sky (Toronto CANADA), Justine Tyrell (Calgary CANADA), Celia Rose (USA/CANADA), Adelaide MacKenzie (UNITED KINGDOM), Tara Slone (Calgary, CANADA), FREYjA (FRANCE), Olivia Wik (Edmonton CANADA), Morag Northey (Calgary CANADA), Jocelyn & Lisa (CANADA), Courtney Jones (USA), JOHNA (GERMANY), Heidi (AUSTRALIA), Jennifer Crestol (BAHRAIN), Sally Street (AUSTRALIA), Candace Lacina (CANADA), Sammy G (AUSTRALIA).

Collaborators on this album include Grammy & Juno Award winner Dan Hill and multi platinum producer/songwriter Rob Wells Proceeds from the compilation will go to Amma Embracing The World, a global network of regional humanitarian organizations inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Be inspired!

The Luxury Wafers Record Label is the passion child of Landry and Peter Malick, raised with the help of an amazing network of dedicated, creative folks who also dig .ne indie music. Los Angeles based Peter Malick is a Music Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mix Engineer. According to Peter, who has been a professional musician since 1967 he lives and breathes music.

Peter’s .rst project as producer/songwriter was in 2003. The New York City album featuring Norah Jones reached #1 on iTunes for weeks and continues to sell internationally, and is among a large body of work.

Every Woman Organization is a division of Sophie Entertainment Inc, dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. We are a group of passionate and like-minded women who are dedicated to working together to close the gaps in communities.

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