Introducing Genre-Jumping Rockers LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE – New Album “Time” OUT NOW

LydiaRock music and metal music seem to have been masked, manipulated, and drawn with every characterization possible. With genres of stagnate duplications and pools of curiously aggressive music addicts, looming fans looking for an outlet have come to find Florida quartet LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE. The element of variety and level of experimentation in LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE‘s music has made them difficult to classify, but all of their achievements have gained them a strong following amongst a diverse group of fans.

Formed in 2005, LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE consists of Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals, guitar), Dan Wilson (guitar), Josh Runfeldt (drums) and Shawn Goree (bass). The band originally achieved independent success with the release of their early production and full-length studio album, At The Bottom Of The Podum Stole, released via Spinnit Records.

Fast forward to 2014, and we find LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE in the midst of another successful album cycle, this time for their second studio album Time. Released in October 2013 via Spinnit Records, this current musical offering again boasts the band’s experimental blend of rock, metal and reggae influences underneath a mixture of clean and growling vocals. You can purchase Time via iTunes here.

LydiaTime is our second full length album, and it basically is about how time represents everything around us and how we can’t escape it. It is what we consider our best material to date,” states lead vocalist and guitarist Kyle Bolduc. “I’d say we have definitely matured as musicians throughout the making of this album in particular. The overall feel of the album is a cross of multiple genres rolled into one epic story of anger, individual freedom, and the meaning of life. I feel content wise there is truly something to offer for everyone, from mellow, to heavy, angry, to happy.”

The title track and first single from the new record, ‘Time’, was released alongside an impressive five minute music video, featuring a cartoon rendering of over 6,500 hand-drawn pencil and pen illustrations. Watch the music video here: 

The artwork in the video was illustrated by French artist Cyril Sinel. Learn more about Cyril’s work here:

A second single from the album, ‘Enemies Of The Night’, was released shortly after ‘Time’ and also features a music video, this time in live-action. Watch the video for ‘Enemies Of The Night’ here: 

The video was directed by Daniel Wilson of 30 Entertainment and was shot in central Florida. Learn more about Daniel and 30 Entertainment here:

LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE attributes much of their success to their relentless touring schedule. The band has toured with artists such as Otep, Mushroomhead, New Years Day, Stolen Babies, Soulfly, Bleeding Through, Born of Osiris, Oceano, Prong, and many more. Most recently, LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE toured the U.S. in late 2013 with Mushroomhead and Otep while promoting Time.

The band is planning a tour for this spring, so stay tuned for tour dates coming soon.  To learn more about LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE, visit these websites


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