January Jason Molina Tribute Shows Announced Stream Unreleased Song “The Big Game Is Every Night”

Jason Molina Tribute Shows AnnouncedIn May of 2013, less than two months after the untimely loss of Jason Molina, his bandmates from all eras of his career – the Spineriders, Songs: Ohia, and Magnolia Electric Co – met in Bloomington, IN to pay tribute to the life and songs of their fallen brother. While the absence of Molina’s unmistakeable voice weighed heavily on the crowd of fans and friends, the power of the songs – voiced, that night, by contemporaries who had been, in one way or another, a big part of Jason’s life – shone brightly. Following in the footsteps of his idols Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, and others, Molina often wrote songs with others in mind. The Magnolia Electric Co LP features two songs – “Old Black Hen” and “Peoria Lunchbox Blues” – sung by folks Jason hand-picked to bring them to life. The bonus disc to the recent reissue features Jason singing them himself. Despite the differences in the readings of the tunes, the song rises above as the central, stirring work of art. This particular tribute happened one night in May, but the ties of those musicians, brought together by one very determined and talented man, led many of them to decide that such an event might need to happen again.

jmoguitarIt is with the spirit of Molina’s incredible and unforgettable songwriting in mind – and the memory of his friendship and generous nature at heart – that the members of Magnolia Electric Co will hit the road for four days this coming January playing the songs of Jason Molina, from both his career in Magnolia Electric Co and Songs: Ohia. In addition to those musicians who traveled with Jason from 2002-2009, M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger – a friend of Jason’s since before his band Court and Spark toured with Magnolia in the mid-2000s – will join as another voice and guitar player for the group.

“Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co” will find its way to Durham, NC, Asheville, NC, Indianapolis, IN, and finally to Chicago, IL, where the members of Songs: Ohia who recorded the classic Magnolia Electric Co LP will also play a set of Molina’s songs. Jason Molina’s voice stands out as one of the most unique, urgent, and beautiful of songwriters from the last twenty years, and while it cannot be replaced, “Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co” will attempt to pay tribute to it and help coax it out of the amazing songs that Jason left with us.

Songs: Molina, A Memorial Electric Co. Tour Dates

01/08/14 Durham, NC: The Pinhook

01/09/14 Asheville, NC: The Mothlight

01/10/14 Indianapolis, IN: Radio Radio

01/11/14 Chicago, IL: The Hideout

The 10th Anniversary edition of Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co is out now. This deluxe reissue includes an unreleased gem from the same recording session – “The Big Game Is Every Night.” The song was described by Pitchfork in their Best New Reissue review of the record as a tune “that truly astounds: 10 glorious minutes long, the song pulses like a severed vein, its rhythm slowly ebbing out as Molina sings, ‘The last thing I see/ Let it be me helping/ Honestly, let it be me working/ On being a better me.'” Enjoy a stream of the song at YouTube or Soundcloud below.

Released in March of 2003, Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co. is the hallmark of Jason Molina’s career – both a confluence of all he would create and a line in the sand to mark a shift in his songwriting approach.

The Magnolia Electric Co Online – www.content.jasonmolina.com and www.facebook.com/pages/Magnolia-Electric-Co/40721548363


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