Video Wednesday – Fé unveil the video for ‘She Came’

FeFé announce ‘She Came’, the band’s second single and the follow up to ‘Time’, an inspired debut which caught the attention of BBC 6 Music, The Guardian and reams of flattering blogs. It was a flawless signal of intent from Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, a band we consider to be an extremely significant new discovery.

Again produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode), ‘She Came’ is even more wonderful; brimming with heroic melodies, killer hooks and sack loads of wry humour. They are a band that oozes ambition, and with their debut show in London earlier this month a sell-out, it feels like something special has started.

Leo calls She Came ‘an old fashion love song, set amidst the new aristocracy of west London; you know – the brats, the oligarchs’ and rock stars’ kids. And how uninspiring and how un-stimulating all the riches of city appear once the person you want has gone.’

For Fé, music is a compulsion. Most days, Leo and Ben will take to the London Underground with their guitars. Traversing the packed carriages, they battle to endear themselves to commuters with an exquisitely performed repertoire made up of skiffle versions of early R&B and rock n roll songs. They are fuelled by the endless love for music that they encounter on the trains, with the band themselves describing this ritual as ‘getting under the skin of the city’: an ‘unquenchable well of inspiration, £50 notes, drugs, stamps and phone numbers’. 

They first wrote together in a meat container under the Westway, London where Leo lived. With no running water or heating to speak of, for years they spent tireless hours locked away crafting their songs, fusing their love for classic songwriting with contemporary electronics.

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