Video Wednesday- I’m back!

So this has been a rough cold/flu season for me here, in fact I’m still a little under the weather. I’m been MIA, but now back with some videos, and tracks that even in a flu medication coma I couldn’t miss.


First up is  electronic R&B musician Daniel Woolhouse, offering “Union” This UK electronic R&B musician strings together flickers of bleeps and billows of melancholia to form a haunting, chilled-to-the-bone ambiance. His weightless voice, which seems to dissolve into thin air only seconds after uttering words, adds yet another level of ghostly fragility.

Next up is Groenland, this track, “The Things I’ve Done” from their first album, The Chase (which might be up on top albums of the year…). Groenland was formed by Sabrina Halde (lead vocals, ukulele, keyboards, percussion) and Jean-Vivier Lévesque (keyboards and programming), the band’s music is made up of warm orchestral indie pop tunes with a touch of electro. So Voila! I present you, Things I’ve Done! Oh, and on a side note: If you have never been to Montreal, this is a perfect picture of what you expect at a Plateau  house party. This borough is famous for its bohemian reputation and characteristic architecture.

Enjoy, and until next time!

Lana Nimmons

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