Canadian Progressive Folk Metallers SCYTHIA to Release New Full-Length Album “…Of Conquest” + Announce Touring Plans

Since 2008, Canadian progressive metallers SCYTHIA have been performing their own blend of epic progressive metal with a twist of folklore. SCYTHIA’s album, tracks, and performances feature rich, poetic storytelling, and an epic tale that captures the imagination of all who are privy to its lyrical melody. Because of this, and touring like a cavalry of nomads, they have taken the independent scene by storm as they gather more and more fans both domestically and internationally.

Scythia Of ConquestSCYTHIA will release a brand new, third full-length album in early 2014, entitled …Of Conquest.  The new album, which blends musical influences from the likes of progressive and power metal, to folk and melodic death metal. …Of Conquest is engineered/produced by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Halcyon Way, Svarsot) at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany, with co-production by Shaun Thingvold (Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of God, Fear Factory). The album is mixed by Nino Laurenne (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Kiuas, Firewind) at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland. Mastering credits go to Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Firewind, Korpiklaani,Apocalyptica) at Chartmakers in Helsinki, Finland.  

A music video for the band’s first single, ‘Bear Claw Tavern’, will be released in December.

“The band is finally finding its ideal sound. This next album we are currently writing feels very natural and forms the perfect marriage of progressive power metal and catchy epic anthems,” says singer/guitarist Dave Khan. “That’s why we are putting our strong cards together and getting it done right!”

They are getting ready for more touring in Canada and then setting sail across the seas next summer. Tour dates are currently being booked and a full tour announcement will be coming in early 2014.

Learn more about SCYTHIA at: Facebook: and Website :

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