In the Clouds – Time to Listen to the Rdio, and Save Our Pennies!

6a014e87574ac9970d01538fdd7775970bHaving to sync all your music between devices is annoying. Luckily a number of cloud music services allow you to stream your music to nearly everything — laptops, tablets, smartphones — with minimal effort or tech know-how. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs; here’s how to figure out which one’s best for you. You may have put a lot of effort into cultivating your home computer’s music library, but you probably want to listen to that music other places, too. If you want to have that library with you wherever you go, you have a few different services to choose from. But what about all you broke ass students and artist like myself you buy the must have albums, but reality is we can’t afford the mass library we really want. Ok, now you could go to Youtube and stream music videos or cracked albums, or go to bandcamp and discover some great work- or you can go to Soundcloud and listen to a variety of songs. I’ll give you my trick:

rdio-montageRdio is an ad-free music subscription service. It is available as a website and also has clients for the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone mobile devices, which can play streaming music or cache songs for offline playback. The web-based service also offers a native desktop client application for Mac OS X and Windows Its library has content from the four major record labels, as well as the Merlin Network and the aggregators IODA, INgrooves, The Orchard, CD Baby, IRIS Distribution, BFM Digital, Finetunes, and Catapult. Now you’re most likely wondering why I am promoting a site whose major clients are the top four major record labels, and probably wondering if they have any indie music available: yes they do have many indie artist, distribution deals with majors allow the artists to be on the site. And even though, yes we are a independent magazine, and this is essentially owned by the majors, I only, and would only recommend using the site for streaming (totally free), not for it’s software, or mobile use. You can simply stream just about anything that has recently released along with a few oldies, it’s fantastic. If you want to buy the album, go to your record shop and buy a vinyl. MP3’s sound like crap, and definitely not worth $9.99 an album- just saying. Recently speaking I used this site to check out the new Arcade Fire song- hell if I wait in the middle of a thunderstorm for a one song release (I reserve this type of experience for concert tickets or full records, not singles). Voila, with a steaming cup of hot cocoa, with a click of a button I checked out their new release Reflektor. I would review this single, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but let’s not all get our panties in a bunch and all wait until the album is out. Check this site out at

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