Atmospheric Avant-garde Doom Outfit THE OTOLITH Rises from the Ashes of SUBROSA

Earlier this year, forward-looking doom juggernaut SubRosa announced its dissolution after a 13-year run, a surprise to many in light of the band’s acclaimed albums and high-profile tours and festival appearances.  Few […]

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Live Coverage: Uninvited Fest 2014 – Doom and Gloom on a Beautiful Day in New York City

Another night, another show, I’m going to three this week, and it’s time for me to step up and deliver. Tonight’s show saw me getting to check out Mount Salem and Bl’ast for the first time as well as seeing my favorite band in the world, SubRosa, yet again. As I ride home back to college and class in less than 10 hours, I’m trying to take a moment to reflect on the glory of what I have seen and the magic that was unveiled to me.

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Artist Feature: SubRosa “Revealing Our Humanity Through Doom Metal”

Roaring down the highway, just over the speed limit with enough illicit substances in the car to get the driver booked for at least a couple of months, this sounds like as good a place as any to start my story about SubRosa. Here I was riding shotgun on a four hour car trip with a guy who I had met only nine days prior.

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