Interview – Cavity Search: Words with Masked Intruder’s Blue

They’re about to hit the road with Strung Out, which includes a cross Canada run. I gave Blue a call in an undisclosed location to discuss the tour, the fans and, of course, prison.

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Album Review: toyGuitar – “In This Mess” (Rock)

Jack Dalrymple has been a fixture in the punk rock scene since way back in 1995 when he formed One Man Army. Throughout the years he’s piled up an impressive discography with some of the scene’s best bands, including the original incarnation of Dead To Me, San Francisco/Santa Cruz legends Swingin’ Utters and short lived

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Album Review – Lagwagon “Hang” (Punk Rock)

Birds, planes, light fixtures, framed show flyers, boogers after you go swimming, Spiderman and of course bees. All are things that hang. Well now you can add the latest Lagwagon album to that list. Hang is Lagwagon’s eighth full length studio album and their first in nine years. Hang is a comeback, Hang is a reminder, Hang is a riff heavy beast.

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